Armoured Mantlet Hinge Bolt
Mantlet armour hinge bolt used on all universal carriers.

£35 each

Steering Linkage Adjustor Nut
Steering linkage adjusting nuts used on all Mk1 and Mk2 carriers, quite often rotted or stripped, a safety critical component.

£45 each

Fuel Tank Pickup Flange
Fuel tank pick up flange, rivetted to the fuel tank then the pick up line bolts to this flange with four 2ba bolts.

£25 each

Axle Spin Drift Tool
Axle spin drift tool designed to fit onto the threaded portion of the axle so you can drift the axle out of the suspension forks without damaging the threads, hence known as a "Spin Drift" tool. mandatory equiment for the would be carrier owner.

£60 each

Road Wheel Axle
Road wheel axle nuts and washers not included

£55 each

Fuel Tank Turnbuckle
Brass fuel tank turnbuckles used to secure the tanks in place, specific to the Mk1 carrier and the earlier Brens and Scouts. More often than not these are missing and are impossible to find NOS.

£50 each

Fan Shrouds Half Set
Half set of shrouds for Mk1 and Mk2 universal carriers, aimed for those lucky enough to have the lower portions in tact, comes complete with fasteners and painted green £250

£250 per set

Carrier Setting Tools
Mandatory equipment if you want your carrier to turn and stop correctly, manufactured to war time drawings.

£75 each

Floor Anchor Plate
Floor anchor plates used to anchor the turnbuckles or straps retaining the fuel cells for both Mk1 and Mk2 carriers

£10 each

Steering Wheel Capped Nut
Carrier steering wheel capped nut, present on all carriers fitted with a steering wheel.

£40 each

Fuel Tank Cap and Flange
None vented fuel cap and threaded flange as used on Canadian Mk1 and Mk2 carriers.

£185 each

Castellated Nut
Spare castellated nuts for road wheel axles.

£25 each

Armoured Mantlet Plunger Bolt
Plunger bolt used to lock the armoured mantlet in place on Mk1 and Mk2 carriers. comes with the centre bolt and knurled outer grip.

£65 each

Fan Shrouds Full Set
Full set of radiator shrouds for Mk1 and Mk2 Universal Carriers, the shrouds come complete with fasteners and are painted green, simply bolt in and keep your carrier cool !

£450 per set

Mk1 Carrier Mantlet Blank
Mantlet shroud as used on the Mk1 universal carrier, with correct radius bends, more often than not this is usually made incorrectly and it tends to stand out. Simply mount this to your carrier and drill the holes to match your machine and away you go !

£175 each

new track
Brand New Track
334 links per machine, made to original metallurical specifications but manufactured to modern ISO standards, links come loose ready for you to add your own pins. First commercially produced track since 1944. (Loyd and T16 carriers require more links so contact me for revised price).

£8000 per set

WS 19 B set antenna repair
Repair service for WS 19 B set bases, you provide me the complete base and it will be returned rebuilt with fresh rubber. 99% of these originals are brittle, the returned item even has the part number embossed as per the originals.

£80 each

WS 19 command box bracket
WS19 command box bracket as fitted to Mk1 universal carriers, comes painted and ready to fit.

£30 each

WS19 Variometer Bracket
WS 19 variometer bracket for use in Mk1 universal carriers, comes painted in correct wrinkle finish brown paint. Bakelite shim not included

£35 each

Wireless 19 Adapter Tray
WS 19 adapter tray for Mk1 universal carriers, this plate sits on the track guard and allows the use of exisiting holes originally required for the earlier 11 sets. The shock mounts then attach this adapter plate to the WS 19 set tray. Mandatory if you are fitting such a radio to your carrier.

£60 each

Reproduction WS 19 B set antenna base
Reproduction ws 19 Antenna base as fitted to numerous vehicles during WW2. You will get the complete unit minus the PYE connector (however the unit comes pre drilled and complete with internal link wire should you wish to fit your own PYE connector)

£120 each

Daimler Dingo Hub Cap Bolt
All to often these items go missing, usually after a road run or two..

£20 each

Drivers vision block thumb screw
As per the title, another often missing item from your Daimler Dingo

£20 each