Richie Harrison



Vanguard Restorations was conceived from the myriad years I spent indulging my passion for doing what I loved most: taking what others believe to be damaged or destroyed items of historical value and making them new or usable once more. 

Many restorations require a keen eye for detail, and over the years I have enjoyed developing this while undertaking work for others on a one-to-one basis. But it wasn't until the umpteenth person told me "You should do this as a job!" that the penny finally dropped. And here we are!

Over the years I have been privileged to work on many exciting restorations, from iconic jet hydroplanes and jet cars to WW2 Bren gun carriers, tanks and armoured vehicles, powerboats and sailing boats to historic aircraft, not to mention engines of all shapes and sizes. My experience is thus very diverse indeed.

Through this I have built up a broad skills repertoire which includes, but is not limited to:

* Tig/Mig and gas welding

* Many forms of riveting (from aircraft to hot riveting)

* Patterning / casting metal and composite items

* Tool making

* Forge work

* Numerous forms of fabrication

At Vanguard Restorations I believe in the motto "Everything and Anything," I  enjoy taking on projects which most would deem beyond salvage.

I also undertake fabrication tasks where detail is key.

I specialise in Universal Carrier restorations but can take on other fabrication tasks where needed, contact me via the "Contact Us" links below.